Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love Is The Sheild

Hate and Horror can be awful things, you may have nightmares, or you might imagine scary things behind you.
Nothing can ever hurt you with that shield of love. As long as someone loves you or you even love yourself then that shield of love is there. No one can break that shield, because everyone and everything is in your head but this time there is no waking up to the real world because there is no real world, it's as simple as this. When you wake up you die. Life is a dream, a dream that you control you just have figure out how.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

School is Scary

School is scary because you turn and you see someone who knows something about you that you don't want anyone to know and you hide from them and you show fear, but that just makes them laugh.School is scary because you feel horrible because you missed to many days of school and you're worried you won't get a good report card or you won't get into a new school. School is scary because at the beginning of each year you go in feeling like you're alone, you don't know whats going on with your friends, you don't know if they have moved on or if they have changed so much they scare you.School is scary because you forget to do homework and you worry,because the stress breaks you because it almost hurts your heart to be stressed or worried that way.YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO YOURSELF AND I'M NOT JUST SAYING THAT IN A LITTLE HELPFUL WAY I AM SAYING I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO DO THAT TO YOURSELF. HELP YOURSELF DON'T STRESS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!