Wednesday, June 15, 2016


In today’s modern world the word belief is used carelessly. It is thought of as a meaningless verb that can be substituted into any sentence when stating expectations. If you really think about it, “believe” can almost always be replaced by “expect”. I believe that the war will be won. I expect that the war will be won. I believe that he will survive. I expect that he will survive. I believe that he loves me. I expect that he loves me. However, these expectations, like most things in life have in some ways morphed. They have turned into not expectations on situations, but on people. I expect them, to win the war. I expect him, to survive. I expect him, to love me. These mutations continue to grow and develop until nothing is left but expectation. Impossible expectation that is universally known and universally disappointed. There is always a stereotype. Always a mainstream model that everyone pretends to brush off as too basic but secretly all aspire to be. There is always the perfect girl who hates how she looks and even though everyone wishes they were her, she still cries herself to sleep because she doesn’t see what they see. Because people think that you want what you can’t have. However, in reality, it’s not that you can’t have it that makes it appealing. If you think about it a thin girl with a fast metabolism doesn't necessarily wish she was fat. It’s not that we can’t have it. The truth is, that every human organism grows up in a certain unique environment. Every human organism is accustomed to certain conditions. But by the basic laws of existence, nothing is perfect. Nothing is truly without fault. So perhaps it’s not that we can’t have something that makes it appealing, but more that we haven't had the time to find the faults in a situation that make it so seemingly perfect. Perhaps if we had more time we could see the makeup covering the models flesh to make her skin seem perfect. Or we could see the sadness photo shopped out of her eyes. Perhaps if given more time, we could see that expectation is just somebody telling us what they personally think we should be. And perhaps we could see that they were wrong. Because even within expectation there are faults. Even within the universal belief that everyone needs to be a certain way there are faults. If you look around you at the world you are living in, you will see fault. And if you look in the mirror, you will see fault. However, fault does not have to be negative. Fault can be unique. Fault can be interesting. Fault can be the one thing in life that keeps us from dying of boredom. But in the end what is fault really? Fault is the reality of unrealistic expectation. And without reality what would any of us really be?


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Amy said...

That's so true. You're so enlightened!