Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Fight

I came across this extremely inspiring speech that I wanted to share,

"Life brings battles and that's something we have to fight with everyday of our lives. We meet people and we get to know them, but is knowing them ever enough? No, we start to know them by talking to them. Seeing them. Understanding who they are and what they are going through and we try and understand, but you see you always understand because you as a person can relate, but you start to ask yourself the question; Why can't people just think? Well it's a funny thing, people think and think and don't know how to answer their problems, so they seek the answer through others. Hoping, they can find the answer. Well, maybe, you can find they answer by watching others. Watching how the world can change at a rapid pace and can people change with it. But do you change with it as well? This world, this wonderful place we call earth. We are here and we are supposed to make it better but instead, we the people of earth are hurting the world. And since we are apart of this world, we the people start to hurt each other, and blame others and go through those constant battles that sometimes aren't beatable. So then we go to war over it. Point wars, because one person can't agree for one decision that's good for everyone. You can argue over it and you may sit there for hours but eventually you do come up with something. You come up with a resolution to the problem and you finally agree with something that's good for everyone and at the end of the day you saved them. You were finally able to use your mind and to actually think for once and to benefit everyone. Then you live life and fail to analyze what's happening because your mind isn't open to what's happening and then once when you finally realize what's happening it's too late. It's gone. Unreachable. Then you think about it and you think deeply, really deeply, and then you understand. You finally understand what has been happening and unfolding right in front of your very eyes. But it only happens when it's finally gone and you actually have time to think about what happened. You try to fix it but you’re not sure if you can. So that's when you fight really hard. You Fight. And when a person puts you down, are you just going to stay there on the ground and cry because you’re not strong enough? No, you get back on your feet and you train your hardest. You train your ass off and then you see results. You see, just how strong you've become and you’re not scared. YOU ARE NOT SCARED to face the next big challenge that comes and/or stands in your way. You take that challenge head first and if they knock you down what do you do? YOU GET BACK ON YOUR FEET AND FIGHT, YOU HAVE TRAINED FOR THIS DAY, YOU HAVE PUSHED TO AND BEYOND YOUR LIMITS AND HAVE ACHIEVED GREATNESS BUT DOES IT STOP THERE? NO! You Keep fighting and you keep pushing yourself because if you don't, all your hard work. Everything you ever wanted to achieve is gone. So what are you gonna do? YOU’RE GOING TO FIGHT THE GREAT BATTLE AND YOU’RE GOING TO BECOME STRONGER AND YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE GREAT WISDOM AND HAVE THE COURAGE TO NOT LET ANYTHING STAND IN YOUR WAY. Well what are you waiting for, I think we all know what you have to do. TODAY IS THE DAY WHERE YOU SHOW YOURSELF, THE PEOPLE, AND THE WHOLE WORLD WHAT YOU ARE AND CAN BE, BECAUSE YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD AND IN PEOPLE. It’s the great fight we all have to go through but you have to make the effort to achieve them and you have what it takes. "

-By Christopher Torres

This is really important, because life is hard, life does throw challenges at you, but you have to persevere, and you have to work through it, because after every difficult time comes an amazing one that makes it all worth it.


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Steven L. said...

Really inspirational!!! Makes me want to keep fighting!