Sunday, December 21, 2014

Life is...

It's so confusing.
Some say it's a gift that god gave us. Some say its a pointless curse. But life is just a tool. It's just a symbol. A symbol that you give meaning to. You can say life is good and it will be. You can say life sucks, and it will. It's as simple as that, because it's your reality. But here's the confusing part. Everyone has there own reality, but at the same time some people are in other peoples reality. So... basically we are all part of one big spider web. One with millions of strands. One that would take forever to make is conjured up within seconds of our existence. Because as soon as we are born, our strand is created. And as soon as we are born, there are people in our life. So it is one big confusing spider web, that keeps growing as we do, and keeps adding more strings as more people come and go from our life, and it keeps getting more confusing as our lives get more complicated. And its hard not to get lost. But somehow, we manage it. It just take a while to figure out how.